Original Sin

Release Date: January 26, 2010

A coven of witches well versed in the black arts unleash the Seven Deadly Sins on earth - as incarnate demons with an agenda. Raised a witch in her mother's powerful coven, Moira O'Donnell ran away when she learned her mother planned to sacrifice her to be "mediator" between the underworld and all united covens. Forsaking her power after her lover was killed by magic, she must stop her mother from controlling the Seven Deadly Sins or the balance of power between the worlds will shift forever to the dark side.


"Seductive, suspenseful and exquisitely written . . . Original Sin is the perfect read for any fan of the supernatural/thriller genre, or any reader in search of a fantastic escape."
-- San Francisco Examiner

"Brennan shows a deft command of all things both normal and otherworldly in crafting one of the best tales of its kind since Dean Koontz and Stephen King were still writing about monsters. There's no shortage of those here and the result is a new genre classic."
-- Providence Sunday Journal

"An exciting supernatural adventure."
-- Mindful Musings

"Top-notch character development . . . equally top-notch plot at work . . . Allison Brennan outdid herself. ORIGINAL SIN delivers all the supernatural chills and thrills in an edge-of-your-seat story that you need to read late at night for full effect."
-- Leontine Book Reviews

"Darkly powerful [and] shiver inducing!"
-- RT Book Reviews

"An action packed thriller, filled with demons and evil witches that will have your spine shivering . . . A nice introductory [paranormal romance] if you are a fan of thrillers. Fans of horror, authors like Koontz and King should take a look."
-- Blog with Bite Reviews

"A Perfect 10!"
-- Romance Reviews Today

"Original Sin is the start to what promises to be an amazing paranormal series . . . I'm pretty sure that Moira will be on my list of top five heroines of 2010. She's that good...So far, this is the best book I've read in 2010."
-- Book Binge

"A terrific mixture of suspense, mystery and a lot of action with a hint of romance . . . I found myself repeatedly surprised by the turns in the plot. I have definitely been pulled into the world of the Seven Deadly Sins and I cannot wait until Carnal Sin releases later this year."
-- Fantasy Dreamers Ramblings