Allison Has Fun

on August 10, 2006

What writer doesn’t want their book made into a movie? And I’m not talking a made-for-television mini-series or two-hour special, but a full-blown, big screen, multi-million dollar blockbuster.

I like to dream.

No, I don’t have a movie deal but I can’t help but think about who I’d like to see play my characters. I’ll admit, I’m not a movie nut. Most of the movies I watch are either pretty ancient or blockbusters. I love black-and-white, but I don’t think Cary Grant will be able to play Quinn Peterson in THE HUNT or Ingrid Bergman playing Olivia St. Martin in THE KILL.

But I have a few modern ideas . . .

In THE PREY John Flynn is nearing forty, an ex-Delta Force officer and former DEA agent who spent several months in a South American prison when his own people turned him in. He’s distrustful of government agencies, but immensely loyal to friends and family. He has dark hair and green eyes and is edgy. I’m willing to make some concessions . . .

Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp

Paired up with . . . Emily Procter. When I first pictured Rowan Smith in my head, I pictured Emily Procter from CSI: Miami. Rowan is different, but has the same basic look. Rowan is serious, cool, focused. She has the capacity for extreme emotions.

Emily Procter

Ever since I saw LOST, I couldn’t picture anyone but Evangeline Lilly playing Miranda in THE HUNT. Maybe it was the dark hair plus the personality, but I think she’d be perfect 🙂

After watching SERENITY (then the cult one season show FIREFLY), I knew Nathan Fillion would make a great Quinn Peterson, the FBI Agent in THE HUNT. Quinn is level-headed, intelligent, clean-cut, but not afraid to get dirty. My second choice would be Robert Patrick. The last two seasons of THE X-FILES were by and large awful, but I always liked Patrick 🙂

What do you think? Fillion? Or Patrick?

Nathan Fillion Robert Patrick

And while we’re on the X-FILES (one of the greatest television series of the 20th Century), wouldn’t Gillian Anderson make a good Olivia St. Martin? But I’m not sold on her as Olivia . . . it just came to me while searching for pictures of Robert Patrick. Of course, Olivia is a blonde . . . but apparently so is Gillian Anderson these days.

Zack . . . now he’s hard. I can picture him, but I keep picturing Hugh Jackman. That’s a problem, because every JD Robb fan I know expects Hugh Jackman to play Roarke in any movie, and I can’t argue with that. I wouldn’t argue with that. I want to SEE that! . . . Can you think of anyone else? (Do you want to think of anyone else?)

Hugh Jackman

I can dream, can’t I?

Of course now I’ve probably jinxed me EVER getting a movie deal because I named names . . . but it’s just for fun. Sort of. Kind of. 😉