And the killer is . . .

on April 27, 2006

. . . one of us.

That’s right, one of the women at Murder She Writes is the dastardly villain.

We’re on a boat. Why? Maybe it’s a murder mystery cruise. And Carson is there for any number of reasons . . . probably nothing to do with the murder. But he’s the only one who can solve it because everyone is a suspect, particularly the five women who had the means to kill . . . who?

The most important clue about a killer is the victim. Who was killed? Where? How? No throwing overboard, that’s no fair, we need a body.

Was it Natalie? She just landed two multi-book deals, she’s on top of the world . . . but the stress of the deadline might make her crack . . .

Or Karin. Maybe she has a deep, dark secret that the victim was about to spill all over the front page of Cosmo.

Deb, the quiet one. No one suspects that in her heart lurks revenge, waiting for just the right opportunity . . .

And Jen seems like such fun, no one with a terrific sense of humor could possibly knock off a competitor.

Or moi. Allison. Average mom of five? Or maybe Lois Winston is right, and she’s cloned. Or worse, a schizophrenic.

So first, the victim. Who is killed? What were they doing on the cruise? Did they work there? The captain? Were they a guest? A fellow author? An agent? An editor? An editor turned agent? A spouse?

If you’ve been lurking, come on down and tell us who you think the victim is and give us some of their backstory. Where they’re from, why they’re there, what they fear.

Also, the heroine isn’t quite full-developed yet. Do we have a name? A description? Where is she from? Why is she on the ship? Is SHE a mystery author? Hmmm . . . maybe she wants to solve the crime and bumps into Carson one too many times. What would an ex-military, dishonorably charged tough guy who isn’t supposed to be on the ship — and certainly doesn’t want to be solving this crime — do with an amateur sleuth?

Or maybe she’s undercover as well, but for a completely different reason. Maybe they already know each other. Maybe she doesn’t trust Carson. Maybe she thinks he’s here from some nefarious reason.

So we can get this story rolling, we need a victim, and more about the heroine. What do you think about them?