ARROW — HEA Article Archive

on January 6, 2017

ARROW is by far one of my top five shows these days. Season 2 is probably still the best, but Season 5 is fast becoming a close second … and depending on how things work out, might surpass Season 2. Season 3 was somewhat of a dud … Season 4 had some amazing ups and disappointing downs. (I loved Damien Darhk as a villain … but too much magic and woo-woo got old real quick.) ARROW is by far one of the best choreographed television shows ever made. Great for a writer to choreograph their own fight scenes … and cast of thousands. (Who, me?)


My daughter Kelly has been catching up on Season 5 during Christmas Break, so I’ve re-watched the first half of the season with her, and it reminded me that everything I said in my HEA articles I write with Lavinia Kent is still valid — I haven’t changed my opinion on anything. I’m using this article to archive the HEA articles for Season 5 … and if you want to catch up on what happened and where we think it’s going, click on through! HEA takes the archives down around the end of the television season, so these will only be live for that long. 🙂


Season 5, Episode 1: Legacy

Episode 2: The Recruits

Episode 3: A Matter of Trust

Episode 4: Penance

Episode 5: Human Target

Episode 6: So It Begins

Episode 7: Vigilante

Episode 8: Invasion! (4 show crossover)

Episode 9: What We Leave Behind


More soon because I have another Lucy book coming out, the digital re-issue of the Seven Deadly Sins prequel, and more!