Brenda's Auction and Other Things

on May 8, 2008

Brenda Novak’s Auction to Benefit Juvenile Diabetes

By now, everyone knows about Brenda’s Auction, right? Just click through to the main auction site to browse a huge list of items for readers, writers, and everyone. There are trips, editor critiques, agent critiques, books, arcs, and a bunch of other stuff. I donated a complete set of my books, airfare for a trip to Bainbridge Island in Washington, and the opportunity to die . . . in one of my books.

In addition to being a donor, I also bid on a bunch of stuff. I’m waiting for the “editor for a day” comes up with Kate Duffy. It might go above and beyond my budget, but it’s definitely on my watch this!

The money goes to a good cause–juvenile diabetes. You can read more about the history of the auction and the need for diabetes research on Brenda’s website. Anything over and above the value of the item you receive is tax deductible. (So if you pay $1,000 for a piece of jewelry that has a value of $700, you can write off $300. Of course, check with your accountant because I’m NOT a tax expert!)

Other Things

We’re moving this week! We’ve already started, and we plan to move the beds on Sunday (Mother’s Day–appropriate!) I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I took pictures to post here, but I can’t figure out how to download them from my husband’s camera, and he had to leave early to meet the satellite guy at the house. Hopefully next week!

I won’t have my office ready, however, for another 8 weeks. I’m having someone build bookshelves and a desk for my office. They do gorgeous work, and it’s very comparable to retail off-the-floor prices, but it’ll fit exactly into my space. I’m very excited. If you live in the greater Sacramento area, check them out.

Yesterday I received my author copies of TEMPTING EVIL and so if you won a contest here, the books are going out tomorrow. Enjoy!

I’m in the middle of copyedits for PLAYING DEAD. This book has been written under intense stress with the house and move, but I’m hoping now that most of that is done, I can make sure this book is as strong as it can be.

For fun, post the first line of your current wip or the first line of the book you’re currently reading in the comments below.