Happy Thanksgiving!

on November 25, 2010

I was going to ask everyone to comment what they were thankful for, but as my daughter sarcastically said, “Oh, that’s so creative.” So instead, I’m going to ask for funny Thanksgiving stories. You know, something you were totally humiliated over or something so hilarious that even though it was awful you still laugh about it.

For example, on my husband’s side, the time his chocolate lab ate the apple pie. Or more recently, when my husband humiliated me by posted a picture of my turkey on facebook. The turkey I thought the store had gyped me on because it had no breasts but, in fact, I had cooked it upside down :/

But fair warning to all husbands who attempt to humiliate their wives by posting photos of their cooking failures: I have refused to cook another turkey. For Christmas, I bought a complete dinner from Bel Air, Easter was ham, and this Thanksgiving we’re having friends over and they’re bringing the turkey. I may never cook another turkey again!

So share your funny or humiliating stories if you’re online! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with good food, friends, and family. God bless!