In and Out

on July 5, 2007

Sorry, gang, I’m running late . . . I’m off to meet my mom at the mall to buy a dress for the Ritas 🙂 . . . I was going to wear this nice cocktail dress that I’d worn at the PASIC editor/agent reception, but Rocki (Roxanne St. Claire) threatened to disembowel me. Okay, not that harsh, but close!

Part of the problem is that I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to lose. I don’t know why. I’m active. I don’t eat junk food. I guess I just like the good food too much! And I’ve had no time to get back into the gym habit. So trying on beautiful dresses doesn’t hold the allure for me as it would for someone as cute and SKINNY as Rocki 🙂 (Really, I love her, I’m picking on her because she’s cuter and skinnier than me! There, I admit it, I have green eyes.)

Anyway, so right now in my life I’m wrapping up the edits for KILLING FEAR. The last third of the book has taken a completely different direction. My editor was fine with the ending, and it was good, but because of other changes I made at the beginning and middle of the book, the ending no longer works the way it is written. Which means that I’ll be busting my butt to get the changes done and in by July 9. Too bad I can’t bust the fat cells out of my butt at the same time!

Then I’m off to RWA in Dallas. I’ll admit, I’m really bummed that I’m missing Thrillerfest, but I would be bummed missing RWA if I had made the decision to go to TF. Until I learned about THE KILL finaling in the Ritas, I was planning on flying to NY on Friday. I know of some other authors doing exactly that. But . . . there’s always next year!

And when I get back, I’m diving into my novella revisions which are actually pretty minor (yeah!)

What are your plans for July? Anything fun?

Friday Morning Update: So I was trying to post last night and my cable was down! Urgh . . .

I tried on about 15 dresses at Nordstrom’s and found one my mom and I loved. Put it on hold to head over to Macy’s and make sure I still loved it. Tried on about 20 dresses at Macy’s, nothing for the Ritas worked but I found an absolutely lovely cocktail dress so I snatched that. Will probably wear it Thursday 🙂 . . . so then we went to lunch, shopped at a couple other stores, and headed back to Nordstrom’s. Told her I wanted the dress, took it up to the bra department and discover there is no bra that works with it. She said, gotta go braless. Hmm, after nursing five kids–NOT! I was really bummed.

So we scoured Nordstrom’s again and pulled another 10-12 dresses off the racks and SURPRISE! TWO actually fit well and looked decent. One off-white with a high beaded front, the other a v-neck black with a beaded front. We picked the black one and my mom said she liked it even better than the chocolate brown gown we first loved. (I just hadn’t wanted to wear black because I figure everyone would, but this is good for me.)

Fortunately, I was in the mood to shop. I got a nice outfit at Coldwater Creek (one of my favorite stores) and some casual shirts and pants at Jones New York. We were there for six hours, and I could have gone longer! LOL. Sometimes I’m totally not in the mood to shop, other times I get into the spirit.

The only thing I have left to do is buy a new pair of shoes. I need nice, 2-3 inch black shoes. I have a pair of black shoes, but they’re lower heels, and my other pair of black pumps are suede. No go there. But shoe shopping? That’s always fun 🙂