It's Summer

on June 14, 2007

I’m late, again . . . yesterday I was sick (ugh) and so was one of the kids. Today I had an a.m. conversation with my editor about revisions to KILLING FEAR which, thankfully, are not extensive and I’m eager to get started because the changes will make the book better, tighter, and more thrilling.

So today I’m getting over being sick (you know, the day where you’re not sick but don’t feel 100%) but I’m now thankful I got sick this week and not next week, when all the kids will be in summer camp and I can start my revisions.

Anyway, I haven’t written a word in nearly two weeks since I turned my book in on June 4th. The kids got out of school, I’m waiting for summer camp to start, and I’m trying to get my house in order (ha!) I’ve spent a lot of time watching television on my video iPod. I’ve seen the entire season of HEROES (great show, I’m developing an entire workshop on it), the second season of SUPERNATURAL (another great show), and half of season seven of CSI.

What did I do without my iPod? I don’t know. I have all my favorite music on it as well and have been listening to it while writing. I’m writing faster and better. Go figure. I have several playlists set up with different types of music, or tones (like soft, medium, hard) and whatever mood strikes me I select that playlist and get that “mood” music. It’s fabulous.

So this is a free-for-all blog. Tell me who your favorite character is in HEROES (I love Peter Petrelli and Hiro, and Sylar is one of the best bad guys out there. Noah Bennet is also a fascinating character, the epitome of someone who does the wrong things for the right reasons, and redeems himself.)

Do you have an iPod? How do you use it? If it’s a video iPod, what shows are up next? After I finish CSI, I don’t know what I’m going to watch though I just bought the pilot of NUMB3RS.

What about summer? Any big summer plans? We may be going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I just have to see when my hubby can get some time off.

Share all! I’m going shopping. Back in a couple hours 🙂