Mom's Pride

on February 7, 2008

It’s been a little stressful this last week or so in the Brennan house. A book due tomorrow that hasn’t wanted to cooperate, a new release last week, a couple sick kids, and a set of page proofs sitting on my table needed to be read, fixed, and back in NY by Wednesday. The kids miss me because I’ve been gone nearly every night writing at Starbucks until they close (at 10 or 11, depending on the day.) And my house is a mess, but that’s nothing new.

Even with all this turmoil–not to mention the daily drama that is school–my oldest daughter (14) wrote me a poem. This ranks right up there with the first time my son gave me flowers he’d picked from the garden (pulling every daisy off the bush), the spontaneous “I love you’s” just because, and the kindergarten handprints.

The Author
By Brennan #1

Click, Clack, Clatter, Clatter,
Faster and Faster she goes,
I wonder how she gets those little bones-
To move so fast and so slow.

It’s like she’s reading word for word
Out of that huge imagination-
And soon she will stop to think
And admire her beautiful creation.

When she stops to think-
And you try and get her attention,
You will never get inside her head-
Because she’s in a different dimension.

But once she’s done admiring-
And may not like what she sees,
She will delete all she’s done-
If that’s the case,
To please all those who read.

Soon she will be done with her story,
And everyone will see it on that tall shelf,
She looks at it in amazement-
And thanks all those who have helped.

Oh, gosh, I’m crying. Definitely with this last book, my kids deserve the dedication. They’ve put up with a lot of mommy stress since New Years!

So a question . . . do you read dedications and acknowledgments in books? I always do. And feel free to share your mom (or dad) pride story.