Office Sweet Office

on September 4, 2008

I don’t have my covers up on the walls yet, but I’m getting there . . . here’s my office and, while occasionally I still head over to Starbucks when I need a couple power hours, I’ve been doing very well writing in my office, especially at night. There’s hope for me yet!

(I didn’t take pictures of the entertainment center in the corner, which matches the bookshelves, because I still have unpacked boxes next to it . . . and my kitchenette is a mess with books, papers, and kids art projects!)

This is the main wall of bookshelves


This is my mess–the bookshelves behind my desk. This is where I keep my research books, my copies of my books when I need to look something up (what did I name that responding police officer three books ago?), manuscripts, ARCs, and things I have to deal with. The couch is a favorite of mine 🙂


Some of my research books. Top shelf, supernatural; bottom forensics.


Books and reading chair 🙂 . . . only, I need a lamp!


More books . . .


My desk . . . it’s normally not so clean. I threw everything in the drawer 🙂


“My Characters Shoot Better Than I Do” Award from the FBI Citizens Academy (Lori and Sharon, don’t laugh! I did really well in practice and froze during the competition . . . )


My view right outside my desk . . . it’s brown now (summer) but it’s green in the winter and spring and there’s a seasonal lake where those trees are. The covered bridge leads to our development. It’s a smoky day, but the Sierra Nevadas can be seen in the distance.