Oh no, I forgot

on September 14, 2006

Yes, I forgot I needed to post a blog today. Well, I didn’t completely forget. I remembered last night but I was too tired to write it. I’m up early every day, so I thought, no problem. Right? Wrong. My daughter has cheerleading practice at 7 am on Thursdays and I found myself rushing around to get her ready, then everyone was up and I had no computer to use.

Tomorrow SEE NO EVIL is due to my editor. I have about 40-50 more pages to write. I’m not totally stressed because I spent this morning cleaning up a bunch of timeline problems that occurred because the dang villain changed things on me. I think I caught everything, though if I missed something I’m sure my editor will catch it and make some weird marks in the margin where I know she’s thinking, “Hmm, Allison, what’s going on here?”

I’ve been writing every night this week at the Elk Grove Brewery because Starbucks closes at 9. I write so much better out of the house–no distractions, no “mommy this” or “Allison that.” I’ve been averaging 15-20 pages a morning at Starbucks and 20-25 pages a night at the Brewery. And they’re not too bad. So . . . after my other daughter’s band meeting tonight, it’s off to the Brewery and writing the climax scene (not THAT kind of climax, Karin.)

So forgive me for this short and rambling post. I apologize for not posting earlier. We have some fantastic guest bloggers coming up during the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

Are you more productive in the morning? Night? Afternoon? At home, away from home, and where?