Robin McKenna

on April 16, 2007

Robin McKenna is the heroine of my February 08 book. This book still doesn’t have a title, but at least my characters have names! (Fortunately, I don’t need a title to write it . . . I’m calling it BREAKOUT, but I don’t think that’s going to stick. But I DO need character names.)

I had narrowed the list down to Emma, Jenna and Robin. I put all three names in a scene I wrote where she learns that the man who killed her roommate, Theodore Glenn, escaped from San Quentin. Robin just totally fit with her personality, her reaction, her mannerisms. It’s not scientific, I know!

I’ve never had this much difficulty naming a character. Rowan, Miranda, Olivia and Julia all came instantly. Carina was a little harder, only because I wanted a slightly Hispanic first name. But I knew it started with a “C,” so I just looked at all “C” girls names and Carina fit. Kate in FEAR NO EVIL was originally Riley, but as soon as I started writing the book I knew she was Kate. And every hero I’ve had had a name immediately as well. Even the hero of my upcoming novella was Anthony from the minute I conceived of the idea.

But Robin! Sheesh. I hope I don’t have this much trouble with my other two heroines in this series . . .

Fortunately, the book is coming along and since my deadline is kind of tight, I’m happy it’s moving with no other major blocks.

Anyway, now for the winner . . .

Kristie who posted at April 12th, 2007 at 5:54 pm e is the random winner of a book of her choice! Pick any of my six published books, and I’ll send it off asap. Just email me at allison @ with your snail mail address and choice: THE PREY was my debut novel followed by THE HUNT and THE KILL; SPEAK NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL and FEAR NO EVIL is my current trilogy.

Thank you everyone for all your help!