Skye McPherson

on December 16, 2006

Something weird is going on. I just wrote this blog, published it, and it disappeared. So if somehow it comes up twice, you’ll know.

I love Jade and it would have worked for her personality, but she doesn’t LOOK like a Jade, and also since Karin has a character Jade coming out near this novella, she gets dibs. 🙂 To me, Jade is a brunette. Period.

So I picked the names that seemed to fit her character the best–Skye, Holly and Cassie. Skye just jumped out at me. It was SOOO obvious once she went into the story.

Thank you EVERYONE who contributed!

Meretta, I love the name Ashlyn and I might have to use that someday . . . and Karin, Sabrina really called to me and I think I have a story for her 🙂

Now, the winner of the ARC of SPEAK NO EVIL . . .


Kendra, email me your snail mail address at allison @ (no spaces) and I’ll get that out to you ASAP. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again . . . I might be calling on your help again soon 🙂