So, it’s been awhile

on November 24, 2014

I have so many things to blog about … but no time to blog! Daughter finished up Winter Ball softball, now in soccer … son finished up football, now in basketball … I lost my extra drivers to college … and then of course WRITING!


I attended by first Bouchercon! I had a panel and an impromptu panel (lead by Charlaine Harris and Sara Paretsky!) and I got to meet Sue Grafton (briefly — but it was worth it!) Isn’t she beautiful and gracious? And totally, completely “real” and unpretentious.

Sue Grafton and me!

Sue Grafton and me!

I could write much more about the conference, but two things stuck out in my mind:

1) I did the author speed dating thing Thursday morning. I might have been the only NYT bestselling author to have done it, but I had SO much fun (though I wish the organizers hadn’t changed the rules mid-stream!) I would totally do it again.

2) I’ve become far more introverted in my old(er) age. While I enjoy hanging out in the bar with small groups of friends, I’m not as enamored with the late nights vigorous socializing as I used to be. My favorite things about conferences now are being on a panel, meeting readers, and catching up with friends.


I have two Lucy Kincaid books coming out in 2015 so I’ve been writing non-stop. The first book, BEST LAID PLANS, is about political corruption and murder. The second book, that I’m currently working on while waiting for revisions on the first book, is NO GOOD DEED. It’s about, well, revenge and murder 🙂 … I just wrote a scene where Sean learns that his brother Kane is missing in the middle of nowhere, Mexico. I wasn’t expecting it! I love it when something happens that I don’t expect 🙂


I finished the page proofs for COMPULSION, the next Max Revere book! My mom read an ARC and she loved it — said it was better than NOTORIOUS. I think so, too, but I’m an awful judge of my own work. After I’m done writing and revision the two Lucy books, I’ll be working on the untitled Max #3. And I have an idea … whew.

AllisonBrennan_MortalSin_800THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS

MORTAL SIN, the third and final book in my Seven Deadly Sins series, is out.


I really love this book and this series. I’ll never say never … but I wrote this to give readers closure. Hence, it’s 150,000 words …


Like I said before, I’m going to try and keep the blog active — I just get sidetracked with television, writing, kids, sports … But I’m also writing a short story for Brenda Novak’s charity anthology, SWEET DREAMS. Mine is called “Aim to Kill” and is about the attempted assassination of the Lieutenant Governor of California. I’m writing it on and off between the Lucy books. ALSO, I have a short story in the first ever RWA anthology, PREMIERE. My story is “Their Night Off” starring FBI Agent Suzanne Madeaux and NYPD Detective Joe DeLucca. I love this story 🙂

And as a reminder, I have several short stories available FREE on the blog!

Vacation Interrupted (a Lucy Kincaid/Sean Rogan short story)

Killing Justice (introduces Matt Elliott, the hero in “Aim to Kill”)

Her Lucky Day (a short horror story)

Enjoy! And I’ll try not to be a stranger 🙂