Stay Tuned for Roxanne St. Claire

on August 21, 2006

I am absolutely tickled to announce that Roxanne St. Claire will be our guest blogger on Thursday, August 24th, while I’m on the bus tour. (you can read details about the tour on my own blog, here.)

First of all, she has a really cool website so check it out. Second, she’s gorgeous, but we won’t hold that against her. (After all, we haven’t plotted Jennifer’s demise even after seeing what a knock-out she is in a red dress.)

But more than her physical and on-line appearance, Roxanne writes hot, sexy and fun romantic suspense. My mom is a huge fan, so of course on that recommendation I had to read KILL ME TWICE. Fantastic. If you like sizzling sexual tension, a hot Cuban-American bodyguard, and a heroine who can take care of herself, you’ll love KILL ME TWICE. I am more than thrilled to be in an upcoming anthology with Roxanne (and Karin!)

Publishers Weekly said of THRILL ME TO DEATH: “St. Claire’s ability to evenly match sultry romance with enticing suspense make this novel a superior entry into the romantic suspense game.”

Kill Thrill

In Roxanne’s own words:

First of all, let’s not go back too far. I grew up in Pittsburgh, moved away at 17 to attend UCLA, led a colorful existence in California, I legally changed my last name from Zink to St. Claire because a TV producer asked me to, had bit parts in two well-known sitcoms (also because a TV producer asked me to), took off to Boston for a fabulous career in PR, met my husband in an elevator while I was climbing the corporate ladder, and moved from Massachusetts to Florida in a moment of insanity that hasn’t ended.

Roxanne has one of the best author Q&A’s I’ve seen so please check it out . . . then ask her lots of embarrassing questions! (just kidding . . . sort of 😉

Anyway, don’t forget to check back on Thursday when Rocki takes over for me for the day . . .