Brain Freeze

on May 28, 2013

The three day weekend threw me off, and I didn’t get the reminder out this weekend for our Murder He Writes guest we set up … 2 months ago. Bad me. Also, I’ve spent all weekend working on revisions for COLD SNAP, writing upcoming guest blogs and articles for the release of STOLEN next week, and enjoying an overcast and damp Memorial Day by going to a high school baseball game (our school won the D-VI championship! Yeah!) But here’s the links to our previous guests, and we’re booked up through July with some great guys 🙂 … and read… Read More

Calgon, Take Me Away!

on April 22, 2013

It’s been that kind of month. My youngest is in baseball (his first year) and my youngest daughter is in softball (her first year) but before we signed her up for softball, we signed up for a soccer league — just six Saturdays, no practices, 4 on 4. Great practice for passing, dribbling, and scoring (in much smaller goals, no goalie) … but it started THIS weekend. The same weekend as a two-day softball tournament. Not to mention that my middle schooler is going on a week-long spiritual retreat with the entire middle school (which I had to buy stuff… Read More


on January 31, 2013

It takes courage to try anything new. The fear of failure, the fear of change, the fear that if you show part of your true self to a stranger that they’ll stomp all over you. I know many writers who fear sending their work into the world. They fear rejection, they fear success, they fear criticism. They fear a lot — and let their work sit on their computer or under their bed and keep writing and keep filing until they’re so full of fear they’ll never share their writing. Source: via Allison on Pinterest It’s not just writers… Read More

I tried to get my daughter to blog for me tonight …

on May 12, 2011

But she just rolled her eyes and said she needed her own blog. True, and that’s on the to do list for summer. I even had a topic for her. It started like this. We were sitting in the school parking lot yesterday after Kelly’s track practice (today is the big, final meet–wish her luck!) waiting for Starbucks. (No, Starbucks doesn’t deliver, but my oldest daughter does–especially when I’m paying.) I told her how inadequate I felt reading Murderati because we have a new blogger (David Corbett) who is just such a good writer–one of the all the words fit… Read More