book signing

Notorious Book Tour

on April 4, 2014

I never thought I’d write that! Book Tour! Wow 🙂 I haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been out of town on and off ever since Left Coast Crime in Monterey. And when I’ve been home, I’ve been writing and playing with the kids because they’ve missed me. So my plan to blog twice a week with one guest has failed. Hoping that I’ll pick it up again in the coming month! So, what’s this book tour been like?

My Insane Life

on July 2, 2009

On Tuesday I’m leaving for New York and Thrillerfest. I’m bringing my oldest two kids (13 and 15) and my mom. They’re returning to California the following Sunday, and I’m heading first to Boston to sign and have fun with my friend Hank Phillipi Ryan (details below) and then going to RWA in Washington DC. It seemed asinine to fly 3,000 back home then turn around and fly back to the east coast. Though, financially, it’s about the same for two extra nights in a hotel and cross-country air fare. But it would probably kill me. I’m turning forty this… Read More

Read This! Bus Tour

on September 25, 2008

Sunday night–late–I returned from the Levy Home Entertainment Read This! Author Bus Tour. That’s a mouthful. This was my second time on “the bus” and I can’t decide which trip I liked more! Both the 2006 Kmart tour and the 2008 Meijer tour had great authors and I’ve made good friends on each. This year, I had more people bringing in my backlist to sign, which always makes me happy. Oh–so I’m really sorry I missed Thursday. I really thought I could get a blog posted Wednesday night, but as it was I went to bed at 1 am and… Read More