Brain Freeze

on May 28, 2013

The three day weekend threw me off, and I didn’t get the reminder out this weekend for our Murder He Writes guest we set up … 2 months ago. Bad me. Also, I’ve spent all weekend working on revisions for COLD SNAP, writing upcoming guest blogs and articles for the release of STOLEN next week, and enjoying an overcast and damp Memorial Day by going to a high school baseball game (our school won the D-VI championship! Yeah!) But here’s the links to our previous guests, and we’re booked up through July with some great guys 🙂 … and read… Read More

Where in the World is Lucy Kincaid?

on April 11, 2013

My husband has a theory. If you put a picture of the cat on anything, you increase traffic. Want more people to “like” your page? Post a cat. If you want a million views on YouTube? Record your cat. The above cat is Nemo, enjoying last Tuesday morning’s wind and sun on our back porch. Technically, Nemo is my daughter’s cat, but he’s really mine, because even when she moves out of the house, he’s staying with me. I have a thing for orange and white cats. Nemo is very popular on my Facebook page. I post a picture of… Read More