My Two Cents

on February 9, 2015

Last month, Nora Roberts posted a blog entitled “Bite Me” where she took issue with two things and spoke her mind. I agree with every word she said. I posted the link on my Facebook page because I felt it was a valuable lesson in social media etiquette. The gist of the blog was about two things: 1) Readers who insult other readers 2) Who writers write for You can (and should) read the blog (it’s short) to get the backstory, but in summary, Nora’s assistant posted about Nora’s new trilogy on Nora’s Facebook page where, presumably, Nora’s readers go for… Read More

I Love Readers

on May 9, 2013

I don’t want to go into details, but there have been some Readers Behaving Badly — readers so upset about an author’s story choices that they have resorted to threats. I’m flummoxed about this because, while I understand how readers might get mad at a book and never read that author again, that they would threaten an author and say horrific things on-line is beyond me. We’ve heard of stalkers (both physical and on-line) and general threats to all celebrities, and some of them authors, but to me, this situation goes even further, as if the characters and story is… Read More