high school

Speaking to Kids

on March 7, 2014

I love speaking to kids. They’re usually attentive, interested, and full of questions. So when the opportunity arose to speak during Writer’s Week at my old alma mater, Menlo School, I jumped. Menlo School is a college prep high school (with a middle school for grades 6-8) and honestly, one of the best schools I’ve seen. What I learned there in four years was certainly college prep–I read books that most people read in college, I was pushed to perform at an advanced level. All classes were, essentially, AP classes. They didn’t have any separate AP or honors classes, and… Read More


on October 24, 2013

First, I apologize for being late with the blog this morning. I had it on my calendar to write it last night, but then ended up watching BONES with my son and daughter and promptly forgot. Even though the writers totally screwed up season 6, the payoff was worth it. I’d give it an A-. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, though! I’m just pleased that Season 9 of BONES is almost as good as the first five seasons. As everyone who reads this blog regularly knows, television is my addiction. I love it, I think the writing… Read More

Books, books, books!

on March 5, 2013

Every other Tuesday marks our new Murder HE Writes feature, starting on March 19th–we’re already booked with male thriller writers through May! I’m very excited about this new feature, because we all love our male counterparts. I could tell you who’s joining us … but I won’t 🙂 We’ll make it a surprise. So you get me (again) today, and I’m going to talk about books. Everyone here loves books, or you probably wouldn’t be reading our blog. Sure, many of us like television, and movies, and sewing, and cooking, and sports, and a host of other things, but the… Read More