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All About Me

on January 14, 2010

So much is going on right now, I barely have time to breathe let alone think about a blog topic! And to follow our new additions, Lori, Laura and Sophie? Wowza! Aren’t they terrific? When I sat down tonight to write my blog, I knew in the far depths of my brain that I had a topic . . . somewhere . . . but it disappeared. I’m not surprised. My oldest daughter turned 16 yesterday. I’m very happy–she’s a great person, strong, resourceful, grounded, and a leader. But I don’t feel old enough to have a 16 year old…. Read More

Author Websites

on September 24, 2009

I’m in the middle of completely redesigning my website. Okay, I’m not the one doing the design–I hired someone for that–but I am working on content. I’ve been going through my website and deciding what should stay and what should go. The first thing I’ve doing is dumping my personal blog. I never really had anything to say there, and rarely post. I post here and at Murderati bi-weekly, and at Romancing the Blog bi-monthly, and that’s enough for me. Probably too much–but right now it’s manageable most of the time. I’m adding a connecting characters chart or page of… Read More