TV Rant

on March 5, 2014

This is short and not-so-sweet today … because I want to make sure you read Piper Bayard’s fabulous post about her spy! 😉

But I need to just get this out there … ALMOST HUMAN. I really like this show and while there’s a few little problems (some of the dialogue pacing is off), it’s original and fun and I love the actors and the setting. My boys, 13 and 10, love this show and we watch it together. The season finale aired Monday (no spoilers! It was a short 13 episode season, but we haven’t seen the finale yet) and there’s still NO WORD as to if it’s renewed. TV Line, my favorite source of info on television, has it as “could go either way.” TV By the Numbers says it’s a “toss up.” NO! That’s not fair!

Please, FOX, give ALMOST HUMAN a chance. You didn’t really give it enough time to find its audience. Yes, you launched it big … but you aired the episodes out of order (FIREFLY anyone?) and you had a big break in the middle of the already short season. It started strong and ended strong, but there was a fuzzy middle. I love Karl and Michael. They have great buddy chemistry. I love the setting. The stories are fun. Yes, it’s a police procedural at heart, but you can do much more with it. I want to know more about the Wall. I want to know more about the Chromes. I want to know what happened when John Kennex got snookered by his girlfriend. I want MORE.