Weekend Blogging

on December 4, 2005

Here’s some blogs you might have missed . . .

Today, at Romancing the Blog, I wrote about Chemistry. Head on over and tell me who your favorite fictional couple is and why . . .

Colleen Thompson, who writes romantic suspense for Leisure, has a great column about why she writes RS. It’s something we’ve discussed here at MSW. I particularly love this:

. . . a world where, without exception, the mystery is solved, the mortal threat vanquished, the evil punished, and flawed yet worthy human beings find the love that they deserve.

For some holiday whimsy, check out Shirley Jump’s column at RTB, Santa Take Note. It’s her twelve days of Christmas for writers . . . I particularly liked:

10. Ten daily minutes. To be all by myself. Yes, to actually go to the bathroom without someone knocking on the door, asking how to divide fractions or complaining that their Science teacher is one of Stephen King’s unleashed monsters. If you can pull off the above miracles, surely this one will be a piece of cake.

I took that one to heart and had a private bath (i.e. locked the door!) yesterday morning. Bliss, total bliss, for forty-five minutes.

And check out the writer’s block cartoon over at the Backspace blog . . . it cracked me up.

And don’t forget our contest! Midnight Saturday we’re closing entries, and announcing the winner on Sunday, so if you haven’t entered, so it now! Rules here.