When It Clicks

on October 18, 2007

If you check out my blog over at the Fog City Divas yesterday, you’ll know that my trip to Tulsa had its ups . . . and downs. The conference was wonderful, but I spent about 15 hours traveling. Not fun.

But, we always look on the bright side, don’t we?

First, the book that used to be called SILENT SCREAM is done. I emailed the bulk of it to my editor last week, but needed to write the climax. It was just stumping me. Usually, I see the climax when I’m about halfway done with the book and I speed up as I get further into the story, but this time, nada. It just wasn’t there.

On Saturday, Jenna Petersen did two things for me. First, she reminded me that sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. I realized that I was over-thinking the climax, and that there was already a perfect conclusion. I just couldn’t see it. Second, she gave a workshop on love scenes. Right after that I went upstairs and wrote the love scene. It occurs late in the book, by necessity (the story takes about 72 hours), but I still hadn’t written it and the rest of the book wasn’t working. So I backtracked and inserted the scene a little earlier–and thinking about what Jenna said (that love scenes need to be central to character, plot and emotion), I was able to make the scene work.

Thanks Jenna!

Yep, you read right, SILENT SCREAM is no more. I submitted a bunch of titles for consideration and they’re mulling them over, plus I’m sure they’ll come up with some of their own. There’s one I particularly like, but I’m not sure they’ll like it, so I’m not saying anything yet. When I get the title, I’ll let you know 🙂 It might even be later today!

On the plane back from Tulsa, because I couldn’t write (long story–on the Divas blog) I read the other two stories in my Pocket Anthology, WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE. All I can say is WOW. I am so thrilled, and honored, to be part of this great collection. I love my story, and I love both Roxanne’s and Karin’s as well.

Roxanne St. Claire’s “Reason to Believe” has a television psychic who talks to dead people to give their friends and family closure. The hero is a Bullet Catcher (of course) and probably my favorite of all the bullet catchers, Chase Ryker. Former astronaut. Total hunk. And smart. And Arianna is saucy and sexy and smart. I love smart heroines. This story has surprising emotional depth for being only 30K words, and I now know why Rocki keeps getting nominated (and winning!) the Rita for best novella.

Karin Tabke’s “Redemption” is classic Karin with a very alpha cop. Zach is not always a good boy. He kills the bad guys when the justice system fails, he lies, he betrayed the woman he loved. When he is “killed” he’s supposed to go down to Hell. But the mysterious “Michael” intervenes and gives him a second chance. Very bold and very sexy, this is a great world-building story that really showcases Karin’s storytelling talent.

Yes, this is BSP . . . at least for my friends. 🙂

And finally, a funny story.

I was gone this weekend and my husband taught our 6-year-old son how to play STRATEGO. Brennan #3 caught on really quick and LOVED the game. So he begged Dan to play it again. (over and over and over.)

Finally, Dan says, “We’ll play later.”

Son: “Promise?”

Dan: “I’ll try.”

Son: “There is no try. There is only do, or do not.”

Dan thinks he watches too much Star Wars. I think he has a great philosophy of life.

So take that advice from my six-year-old and Yoda: Don’t try to write today. Just do it.