Lucy Kincaid Series Summary

The story so far…

Though the books have been published starting in January of 2011, in “story time” only three years has passed between LOVE ME TO DEATH and the newest Lucy book, CUT AND RUN.

In LOVE ME TO DEATH, Lucy was a suspect in the murder of one of her rapists who, unknown to her, had been released early from prison and found executed only miles from where she lived in Washington, DC. When she found out her family lied in a failed effort to protect her, she turned to private investigator Sean Rogan for help. In KISS ME, KILL ME while Sean and Lucy are in New York City looking for Sean’s missing teen-age cousin, they end up helping the FBI solve the case of the Cinderella Strangler. After these adventures, Sean and Lucy take a vacation in IF I SHOULD DIE, where they uncover dark secrets in a small Adirondacks town.

Lucy is thrilled when she’s finally accepted into the FBI Academy! While she’s waiting for her session to start, she worked as an analyst under the watchful eye of Special Agent Noah Armstrong. When the mistress of a congressman ends up dead, Lucy connects the murder with the deaths of several high priced call girls in SILENCED. Finally at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Lucy’s mentor asks her to help with a cold case in STALKED—that may be connected to the murder of a true crime writer who was looking into Lucy’s own tragic past. In STOLEN, Sean risks his reputation and his life when he agrees to go undercover for the FBI – by stepping back into his old shoes of computer hacking and theft with his former college friends.

In COLD SNAP, the Kincaid family Christmas reunion is threatened by murder … Patrick takes center stage in the first of three mysteries when he helps a family friend track down a missing teenager. Lucy, Sean, Kate and Dillon are stuck in a Denver hotel during a blizzard — with a dead body. And back home in San Diego, Carina Kincaid is taken hostage by a grieving soldier who believes someone killed his sister and needs help to prove it.

It’s been 14 months since Lucy & Sean’s first adventure, and now she’s a sworn FBI Agent assigned to San Antonio in DEAD HEAT. One of her first major assignments is a joint task force running Operation Heatwave, a major inter-agency warrant sweep headed up by the DEA. But when one of their targets bolts and they uncover a virtual prison in the basement of his home, it’s clear there’s something far more insidious going on.

Lucy’s been a rookie agent for six months when she’s assigned to work with a by-the-book senior agent to investigation the suspicious death of a congresswoman’s husband in BEST LAID PLANS. While haunted by the rescue of boys forced to work as mules for the drug cartels, Lucy realizes that the crimes she solved in DEAD HEAT were only the beginning. When a corrupt DEA Agent agrees to turn state’s evidence in a plea bargain, the final card is played in NO GOOD DEED when the agent escapes and seeks retribution on everyone who put her in prison … or are the bodies she’s dropping only a smokescreen for her real plan?

Lucy’s fiancé Sean learns he has a son when the mother of his child begs for him to help find the boy and his missing step-father in Mexico in THE LOST GIRLS. In the meantime, Lucy is working a particularly difficult case of human trafficking and black market babies with her mentor, Noah Armstrong, who has temporarily taken over running the San Antonio field office. Four weeks after the events in THE LOST GIRLS, Sean and Lucy are finally preparing for their wedding less than two weeks away … when Sean’s estranged sister seeks to make amends in MAKE THEM PAY. But Eden Rogan is a pathological liar, and her lies put Lucy’s life in grave danger.

Though SHATTERED is the fourth book in the Maxine Revere series, it’s every bit as much Lucy’s story. Lucy agrees to help Max, an investigative reporter, look into the cold case murder of Lucy’s nephew Justin Stanton when Max develops a theory that Justin was the first for four victims.

BREAKING POINT introduces JT Caruso’s sister Bella who is working deep undercover in a human trafficking organization … and Lucy may be the only person who can find her before her cover is blown. But Bella doesn’t want to be found …

Five months after BREAKING POINT, Sean finally has a relationship with his son, Jesse … only to learn in TOO FAR GONE that Jesse’s step-father will do anything to prevent it, even if it puts Jesse’s life in danger. While Sean tries to protect his son, Lucy is looking into a hostage-taker who until a month before had been a law-abiding citizen.

While Sean and Jesse recover from the events in TOO FAR GONE, Lucy works with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department on a possible serial killer case in NOTHING TO HIDE. Three married men are dead, all in the same way, with no connection to each other … or is there? And in CUT AND RUN, Lucy teams up again with Max to solve a cold case that involves a missing child … only to uncover a conspiracy that leaves dead bodies in its wake.

In November of 2020 comes COLD AS ICE. Sean is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, and that’s only the beginning.

There are several novellas in Lucy’s series. If they are ebook novellas, I make a point to ensure the stories stand on their own so if you don’t read ebooks, you don’t miss a story arc.

Lucy .5 – “Love is Murder” takes place a year before LOVE ME TO DEATH where Lucy and her brother Patrick solve a murder while stranded in a snow storm.

Lucy 5.5 – “Reckless” finds Lucy and Sean having a weekend camping, only to uncover a crime.

Lucy 12.5 – “Spiral” in TWO TO DIE FOR … Sean and Lucy are on their honeymoon when they find their neighbor brutally murdered.

Lucy 14.5 – “Storm Warning” … Lucy and her partner Nate Dunning are transporting a wanted bank robber during a storm when his partners break him out.

Lucy 16.5 – “No Way Out” coming June 2, 2020! … Sean’s brother Kane is getting married and asks Sean and Lucy to stand up for him. Only, the day before the wedding a crime leader with unfinished business with Kane and his bride kidnaps Kane and Sean.

What did Lucy do before her series begins?

Lucy has a small role in SPEAK NO EVIL and SEE NO EVIL, but she’s a major character in FEAR NO EVIL when she’s kidnapped on her high school graduation and her brother Dillon is the primary character in bringing her home. Still, I don’t consider that the first book in her series.

When I decided that Lucy needed her own series, I wanted to start when she was older and on the cusp of achieving her goals. I didn’t want to write about a victim, I wanted to write about a survivor who might still have a few issues she needs to deal with. I wanted her to be young enough to have room to grow, but mature enough to drive the stories I wanted to tell. Her series starts just before her 25th birthday while she’s waiting to hear back about getting into the FBI Academy.

 There are three Lucy Kincaid novellas and one short story. “Love is Murder” takes place a year before LOVE ME TO DEATH, but it’s a stand alone mystery. It’s available by itself digitally, or in print with IF I SHOULD DIE. “Reckless” takes place immediately after STALKED, but like “Love is Murder,” it is a stand alone story. It’s also printed in COLD SNAP. “Vacation Interrupted” is a short story in the anthology LOVE IS MURDER and also stands alone. It takes place in the timeline between SILENCED and STALKED. This story is posted for free on my blog here:

Most recently, I wrote “Spiral” and published it in a two-novella collection called TWO TO DIE FOR. “Spiral” is about the mystery Sean and Lucy uncover while on their honeymoon!

I want to catch up on all the Kincaids! Where do I start?

My first 12 books had many recurring characters. More details are below, but I’ve pulled out the books with main characters in the Kincaid family — or with characters who become main characters in the Kincaid books:

THE HUNT (Sheriff Nick Thomas is an important secondary character; he’s the hero of SPEAK NO EVIL)

SPEAK NO EVIL (Detective Carina Kincaid; Sheriff Nick Thomas)

SEE NO EVIL (P.I. Connor Kincaid; Prosecutor Julia Chandler)

FEAR NO EVIL (Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Dillon Kincaid; rogue FBI Agent Kate Donovan — mercenary Jack Kincaid is introduced in this book.)

KILLING FEAR (Detective Will Hooper; bar owner Robin McKenna. Will is Carina’s partner and Carina and Dillon both have important secondary roles in this story.)

PLAYING DEAD (FBI Agent Mitch Bianchi; PI Claire O’Brien. Nelia Kincaid has a secondary role in this book; FBI Agent Megan Elliott has a secondary role as the ex-wife and boss of hero Mitch. JT Caruso is introduced. Rogan-Caruso Protective Services is Claire’s employer and it’s the first time the organization or the Rogans are introduced.)

SUDDEN DEATH (Mercenary Jack Kincaid; FBI Agent Megan Elliott; Patrick and Dillon both make appearances.)

FATAL SECRETS (White Collar Crimes expert FBI Agent Dean Hooper; ICE Agent Sonia Knight. The Rogan family is introduced as minor characters in this story)

CUTTING EDGE (Duke Rogan; FBI Agent Nora English — Sean Rogan is an important secondary character.)

Rogan-Caruso-Kincaid Protective Services (RCK)
The first mention of Rogan-Caruso was in PLAYING DEAD. They next pop up in a small way in SUDDEN DEATH and FATAL SECRETS. In the Lucy Kincaid novella “Love is Murder,” it’s noted that Patrick works for a private security company with his brother Jack, though it doesn’t mention Rogan-Caruso by name. The first mention of adding “Kincaid” to Rogan-Caruso is in LOVE ME TO DEATH, where it’s explained that Jack first, then Patrick, joined Rogan-Caruso. The firm therefore is known as RCK because Rogan-Caruso-Kincaid Protective Services is certainly a mouthful!

Patrick Kincaid and Sean Rogan became partners running the East Coast branch (RCK East) shortly before the beginning of LOVE ME TO DEATH.

Characters & Book Trivia

Lucy Kincaid
It’s been nine years since Lucy Kincaid was kidnapped from her high school graduation, raped and nearly killed while thousands of people watched on the Internet. Though the journey hasn’t been easy, she’s has always had the support of her large, Irish-Cuban family. She graduated from Georgetown with a Masters degree in criminal psychology. Though she had been a dancer and swimmer while growing up, after her kidnapping everything changed and she was determined to become an FBI Agent. She interned in several positions during and after college, including a year with the U.S. Senate and a year with the D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office. After initially being denied admittance into the FBI Academy, she finally was accepted and graduated and has been assigned to the San Antonio Field Office. The youngest of seven, she was raised in San Diego and is romantically involved with private investigator Sean Rogan. First mention: SPEAK NO EVIL

Sean Rogan
After his parents were killed in a small plane crash when he was 14, Sean—who had always been prone to getting into trouble while also being a computer genius—rebelled while being raised by his older brother Duke. After being admitted to Stanford University early, he hacked into their system and exposed one of his professors as a pedophile. But the crimes he committed to do so put him on the hot seat with the FBI and his brother. He graduated from MIT, and came back to Sacramento seeking his brother’s approval and his rightful place as a principal of RCK. After years of working for Duke was he finally given the position of running RCK East with Lucy’s brother Patrick. Sean thinks the law is more of a guideline, and will do anything to help those he cares about or anyone he feels is bullied or victimized. He led a wild and carefree life, but found a higher purpose when he fell in love with Lucy. When she was transferred to San Antonio, he left his position with RCK to join her. First mention: FATAL SECRETS

Patrick Kincaid
After his nephew Justin was killed, Patrick dropped his dream of becoming a Major League baseball player and became a cop instead. He started the first e-crimes unit in San Diego. During the search for Lucy seven years ago, Patrick was nearly killed during an explosion. When he woke up from a two-year coma, technology had passed him by, and he joined RCK at the urging of his brother Jack. Patrick and Sean became fast friends, and partners in RCK East. Though Patrick initially disapproved of Sean’s relationship with his sister Lucy, he came around and is now supportive. First mention: SPEAK NO EVIL

Duke Rogan
After his parents were killed in a plane crash, he took the responsibility of raising his then-14-year-old brother Sean. He’s one of the co-founders of Rogan-Caruso-Kincaid Protective Services. He’s now married to FBI Agent Nora English and lives in Sacramento, California. Duke is a good administrator for RCK and smart security guy, but is also very hard on his younger brother which has caused friction between the two over the years. First mention: FATAL SECRETS

Dr. Dillon Kincaid
A forensic psychiatrist who consults for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. He travels extensively to interview violent predators and is an expert witness. His practice was in San Diego but he moved it to Washington DC after he married Kate. Lucy lived with Dillon and Kate while she attended Georgetown, and Dillon worked with her to help her recover from her attacks. Dillon has always been quietly supportive of Lucy. First mention: SPEAK NO EVIL

Kate Donovan
An FBI Agent currently teaching cybercrime at Quantico. Kate’s had her own troubles with the FBI when she went rogue to hunt down her partner’s killer, but after being demoted and reprimanded, she regained her badge. She helped locate and rescue Lucy seven years ago, and is now married to Dillon. She was raised by elderly grandparents and didn’t have much of a family life; she thinks of Lucy as her own sister, and Lucy feels closer to Kate than her own two sisters. First mention: FEAR NO EVIL

Jack Kincaid
Estranged from his family for nearly two decades after a major military disagreement in Panama with his father, an Army Colonel, while Jack was in Special Forces, Jack returned to help his fraternal twin brother Dillon find Lucy after her kidnapping. Since, he has grown closer to his family. He’s a principle for RCK specializing in hostage rescue and personal security, and lives in Sacramento with his wife, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Megan Elliott Kincaid. Has a role in STOLEN, NO GOOD DEED, THE LOST GIRLS, MAKE THEM PAY, BREAKING POINT, COLD AS ICE First mention: FEAR NO EVIL

Connor Kincaid
The middle child. Former cop turned P.I. with his brother in law, Nick Thomas. Married to prosecutor Julia Chandler. First mention: SPEAK NO EVIL

Carina Kincaid

Born closely after Connor and before Patrick, a detective with San Diego Police Department, she’s married to former Sheriff Nick Thomas. Close friends with her partner, Detective Will Hooper. First mention: SPEAK NO EVIL

Nelia Kincaid
The oldest Kincaid, divorced from San Diego District Attorney Andrew Stanton 18 years ago, after the murder of their only son, Justin. Left San Diego and was estranged from the family for more than a decade before reconnecting a few years ago. First mention (on-page): PLAYING DEAD

Kane Rogan
Kane Rogan is one of the principles of RCK and has become in important character in the Lucy Kincaid series. He was in the Marines for six years, and left shortly before his parents were killed in order to establish Rogan-Caruso Protective Services with his best friend, JT. But he pretty much acts as a mercenary—though he has to believe in what he’s doing. He specializes in hostage rescue south of the border. It comes out in BREAKING POINT that they started the business after they rescued JT’s 15 year old sister from a sex trafficking ring. Kane has spent most of his life doing what few people are willing to do, and he’s paid a steep price—there are people who want him dead, and it’s hard for him to get close to anyone, including his family. But when Sean and Lucy move to Texas, Kane learns to trust his brother and Lucy and realizes that he needs his family as well. Kane has been in several books, including briefly in FATAL SECRETS, CUTTING EDGE, and IF I SHOULD DIE; a larger role in DEAD HEAT, BEST LAID PLANS, NO GOOD DEED, THE LOST GIRLS, MAKE THEM PAY, BREAKING POINT, TOO FAR GONE, COLD AS ICE. Engaged to Siobhan and has story in NO WAY OUT. First mention: FATAL SECRETS

JT Caruso
JT Caruso is one of those characters I get a lot of email about—people want his book. While I haven’t written his book so-to-speak, readers will learn a lot more about him in BREAKING POINT which is sister, who’s working undercover for a private organization disappears while in deep with a human trafficking network. JT is Kane’s closest friend and had a very rough childhood, which is mentioned first in MAKE THEM PAY. He’s a minor character in PLAYING DEAD, SUDDEN DEATH, CUTTING EDGE, STOLEN, and THE LOST GIRLS. He has a bigger role in MAKE THEM PAY, BREAKING POINT, COLD AS ICE. First mention: PLAYING DEAD

Siobhan Walsh
Introduced in NO GOOD DEED when she’s kidnapped as a trap for Kane Rogan, we learn that she is the younger half-sister of Kane’s former commanding officer in the Marines, Andrea Walsh. Siobhan was raised by a missionary mother and travels as a photojournalist through impoverished countries in the hopes of raising awareness—and money—for those in need, particularly through a group Sisters of Mercy, which her mother worked for until she died. Kane and Siobhan have had unspoken feelings for each other, and their growing relationship develops over several books. Siobhan is in NO GOOD DEED, THE LOST GIRLS and MAKE THEM PAY; she’s briefly in BREAKING POINT, CUT AND RUN. Marries Kane in NO WAY OUT. First mention: NO GOOD DEED.

Rogan-Caruso-Kincaid Protective Services
Based in Sacramento, California with an office in Washington DC (RCK East), they originally started as Rogan-Caruso, founded by JT Caruso (ex-Navy SEAL) and Kane Rogan (former Marine) who had been best friends growing up. When Kane wanted to stay in the field, he turned the day-to-day management over to his brother Duke, who specializes in corporate security. Early cases focused on hostage rescue in countries south of the border, where Kane continues to operate, though recently he has semi-settled in the border town of Hidalgo, Texas  with his girlfriend, Siobhan Walsh. Since its inception, RCK has expanded into all areas of personal and corporate security, and added “Kincaid” to the name when Jack Kincaid agreed to work with them. The principles are: JT Caruso; Kane Rogan; Duke Rogan; Sean Rogan; Jack Kincaid; Patrick Kincaid. Other important associates: Mitch Bianchi; Claire O’Brien

The Kincaid Family
The Kincaid Family moved from military base to military base until shortly after Lucy was born, when Colonel Kincaid was stationed permanently in San Diego. Tragedy struck when oldest daughter Nelia’s son Justin, who was the same age as Lucy, was kidnapped from his bedroom and murdered while Carina, then a college student, was babysitting. That seemingly random act of violence changed the Kincaid family forever. Justin’s murder is solved twenty years later in SHATTERED.

Other Characters & Trivia 

Nick Thomas
In THE HUNT, Nick Thomas was Sheriff of Gallatin County, Montana, and was captured by a serial killer in the middle of the investigation into the murders of a dozen co-eds over a span of ten years. In SPEAK NO EVIL, still reeling from the injuries he sustained and wondering if he should run for re-election, Nick goes to San Diego when his brother is a murder suspect. There he meets Detective Carina Kincaid and together they work to find out what really happened, and if Nick’s brother is in fact guilty. Nick has small roles in FEAR NO EVIL, KILLING FEAR, COLD SNAP, SHATTERED. First mention: THE HUNT

Megan Elliott
FBI Supervisory Special Agent Megan Elliott works out of the Sacramento FBI as the SSA in charge of violent crime. She has a small role in PLAYING DEAD where she’s introduced as the ex-wife of hero Mitch Bianchi. She and Mitch are still friends, but she’s also his supervisor which causes problems. In SUDDEN DEATH, Megan takes front stage when a homeless veteran is found murdered, and she eventually ends up working with Jack Kincaid when one of his closest friends is murdered in a similar fashion. Now, Megan is married to Jack and they live in Sacramento, California. Her brother Matt was in the Navy with JT Caruso, who is one of her good friends. Has a small role in TEMPTING EVIL, COLD SNAP. First mention: TEMPTING EVIL

Will Hooper, San Diego PD Detective
Will Hooper has been Carina’s partner for now a decade. Will and Patrick Kincaid were best friends until Patrick’s coma (FEAR NO EVIL) and subsequent move to DC. Will plays a role in SPEAK NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, and then stars in KILLING FEAR when a killer he helped put away breaks out of San Quentin during an earthquake and puts Will’s former lover, Robin McKenna, in his sights. Also a small role in FATAL SECRETS and SHATTERED. First mention: SPEAK NO EVIL

Dean Hooper, ASAC Sacramento FBI
Here’s a funny story about Dean … When I was writing KILLING FEAR, Will Hooper has a conversation with Hans Vigo about his brother, Dean Hooper–who Hans knows very well. Fast forward to FATAL SECRETS nearly two years later, and I wrote Dean’s book when he comes to Sacramento from Washington DC while hunting down a criminal through the White Collar Crimes division. The problem? Apparently I edited out the conversation in the final draft of KILLING FEAR! But in my head, Will and Dean were always brothers–they had simply grown apart. Will makes an appearance at the end of FATAL SECRETS. Dean is a very smart numbers guy, and makes appearances in BEST LAID PLANS, NO GOOD DEED, and the ebook originals MURDER IN THE RIVER CITY and AIM TO KILL. First mention: FATAL SECRETS

Hans Vigo, FBI
Dr. Hans Vigo has done it all–he’s been a profiler, taught at Quantico, and was an assistant director at FBI headquarters. He’s now back at Quantico in a leadership capacity. He’s been a character–on or off the page–in virtually all of my books, starting with my first, THE PREY. Hans was the character who was always supposed to die … but I was never able to kill him off. I fully intended to kill him in KILLING FEAR, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. They he was going to die in SUDDEN DEATH … but didn’t. He came closest to dying in STALKED, but fortunately survived a vicious attack. He’s been a mentor to many of my FBI characters, including Megan Elliott (SUDDEN DEATH) and Kate Donovan (FEAR NO EVIL), as well as Lucy. Because of their similar backgrounds in psychiatry, and a deep mutual respect, Hans and Dillon Kincaid have become close friends. First mention: THE PREY

Noah Armstrong, SSA FBI
Noah is one of my favorite characters, and he’s been in several of the Lucy Kincaid books. Originally, I’d planned a love triangle with Lucy, Noah and Sean … but it didn’t quite work out. However, Noah has never felt that Sean was good enough for Lucy, and Sean knows that. Noah played a large role in LOVE ME TO DEATH, IF I SHOULD DIE, SILENCED, STALKED, STOLEN (where he is Sean’s handler when Sean goes undercover), THE LOST GIRLS and MAKE THEM PAY. He has a small role in KISS ME, KILL ME and BEST LAID PLANS. He deserves his own book, I just don’t know when. First mention: LOVE ME TO DEATH

Nate Dunning, San Antonio FBI
Nate has grown as one of my favorite characters. He’s in the San Antonio FBI office and becomes close to Sean and Lucy. Former Army, he has a past we only know a little bit about, but has the respect of people like Noah, Hans, and Rick Stockton. He has roles in all the San Antonio set books, but a bigger role in NO GOOD DEED, THE LOST GIRLS, MAKE THEM PAY, TOO FAR GONE, CUT AND RUN, and COLD AS ICE.

Brad Donnelly, San Antonio DEA
Brad starts an SSA of the San Antonio DEA in DEAD HEAT, where he has a large role. He becomes friends with Lucy and is trusted by Kane Rogan. He has a small role in several books, but is mostly in BEST LAID PLANS, NO GOOD DEED, and COLD AS ICE.

Tom Blade, SWAT Team Leader
Tom was introduced in SPEAK NO EVIL where he was part of a hostage rescue that included Nick Thomas and Carina Kincaid. It was fun to bring him back in COLD SNAP!

Justin Stanton
Justin is Lucy’s nephew, three weeks older than Lucy, who was murdered when they were seven. He’s the son of the oldest Kincaid, Nelia, and her former husband, San Diego District Attorney Andrew Stanton. I receive a lot of reader mail about whether Lucy will ever solve Justin’s murder. The answer is … yes. I finally figured out what happened to him and SHATTERED brings together my two series, Lucy Kincaid and investigative reporter Maxine Revere, to find out what happened.

Andrew Stanton, San Diego County District Attorney
I actually feel sorry for Andrew in some ways. He would have made a good hero–and maybe someday I’ll write a story about him. He and Nelia were involved in law school and Nelia got pregnant. They liked each other and got married, but they didn’t love each other. Their entire life revolved around their son, Justin, and their jobs–Andrew a prosecutor and Nelia a corporate attorney. They were young, and Andrew had an affair that Nelia knew about and as long as he kept it secret, she didn’t really care. She had her son and her job and was content, if not happy. When Justin was murdered, their entire life fell apart and ended in divorce, because they didn’t have the love to survive his murder. Andrew threw himself into his job, later ran for District Attorney. The Kincaid’s tolerate him, but have never really included him back into the family–and he didn’t care to try and stay. He has a small role in several of my books, and also shows up in COLD SNAP and SHATTERED. First mention: SPEAK NO EVIL

Matt Elliott, Sacramento County District Attorney
Matt Elliott was the hero of the first short story I ever wrote called “Killing Justice”, which was published in an anthology edited by Lee Child called KILLER YEAR, and subsequently published in ebook in a 3-novella collection I titled KILLING JUSTICE. When I wrote the short story, I wanted to highlight the problems in getting a tough-on-crime bill passed in the California State legislature, and how those in power play games — sometimes with deadly results. Matt was a former prosecutor turned State Senator at the time … but then I liked him so much, he didn’t run for re-election because he realized he couldn’t fix the problems, and instead ran for District Attorney. Matt, as Megan Elliott’s brother, has been in several of my books, including PLAYING DEAD, SUDDEN DEATH, and FATAL SECRETS; he’s had roles in several short stories including “Above Reproach” (also in KILLING JUSTICE); and is the hero of the ebook original AIM TO KILL.

San Antonio FBI & DEA
The San Antonio FBI office has had some upheaval since Lucy came on board — and it’s not all her fault! Important characters including:

  • SSA Juan Casilla, Lucy’s boss, introduced in DEAD HEAT
  • Agent Nate Dunning, former Army, becomes Sean’s best friend, role grows throughout the series and he’s one of the few people Sean and Kane trust explicitly.
  • Agent Ryan Quiroz, partners with Lucy often, on FBI SWAT
  • Agent Kenzie Malone
  • ASAC Abigail Durant
  • Analyst Zach Charles
  • DEA SSA Brad Donnelly, who at first Lucy works with in DEAD HEAT, but becomes a regular recurring character.

Pets in my books

My followers on Facebook know that I love animals and have a dog, two cats, and three chickens. I often post pictures of them! But most of my characters don’t have pets. I’ve wondered why that is — and I think it’s because they are so busy it’s not fair to take care of animals. However, there are a few … Claire O’Brien in PLAYING DEAD rescues dogs. Her vet, Dr. Jim, makes house calls. Want to know a bit of trivia here? “Dr. Jim” was modeled after James Rollins, a very popular thriller writer, who is also a vet — and had been my vet before we were both published.

In SUDDEN DEATH, Megan Elliott has a cat named Mouse. My best friend from the legislature had a cat named Mouse, and I just loved it. Megan didn’t want a pet, but she ended up becoming attached to the cat.

In SILENCED, Lucy adopts the cat of a murder victim. Originally, I planned to name the orange and white cat Nemo after my own orange and white cat. However, as the book progressed, Sean ended up naming the cat Chip for story reasons. When Lucy moved to Quantico while training for the FBI (in STALKED), Sean and Lucy’s sister-in-law Kate Donovan share Chip. In COLD SNAP, Lucy gave Chip to Kate because it was clear her sister-in-law became attached to the feline.

In the novella “Spiral” Lucy and Sean adopt of a young, mischievous Golden Retriever named Bandit. Bandit will make an appearance in BREAKING POINT and subsequent Lucy/Sean thrillers.

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