on October 24, 2013

First, I apologize for being late with the blog this morning. I had it on my calendar to write it last night, but then ended up watching BONES with my son and daughter and promptly forgot. Even though the writers totally screwed up season 6, the payoff was worth it. I’d give it an A-. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, though! I’m just pleased that Season 9 of BONES is almost as good as the first five seasons.

As everyone who reads this blog regularly knows, television is my addiction. I love it, I think the writing and acting have jumped by leaps and bounds over twenty years ago — even ten years ago. Cable has really forced the tv industry to up its game, and we are the winners.

But I have another addiction. Coffee.

I’ve been drinking coffee regularly since I was a high school freshman, and my high school English teacher had a coffee pot in his classroom. Students would pay $1 into the jar every week, and he’d keep us in coffee. I wish I still had the mug that I carried with me during my four years of high school. It’s one of those mementoes that would certainly bring back memories. I don’t know if it broke, or if I left it in Mr. Jones’s classroom when I graduated.

Mr. Jones bought Peet’s Coffee because this was before Starbucks was big. Peet’s was two blocks from my high school and fostered my teenage addiction. While I love Starbucks–really, really love it–I prefer the specialty drinks there. The caramel macchiatos and for a special treat, an iced mocha if it’s over 100 degrees (I don’t care much for iced coffee!) But for straight up coffee, Peet’s is the best. (Except for the Starbucks Christmas Blend. For some reason, that coffee is one of my all-time favorites.)

In fact, I’ve been having 4 pounds of Peet’s coffee delivered to my house every month for the last 15 years — ever since I learned that they delivered.

I have a cup of coffee every morning when I wake up. Usually two. If my husband comes back home after dropping the kids off at school, he brings me Starbucks. After lunch, I make another pot of coffee and usually have 2-3 cups. And then in the evening, if I plan on writing (often) I have my Keurig for those one-cup cravings.

So yeah, I have a bit of a coffee addiction.

Writing is an addiction, too. I started writing when I was very young, in elementary school. There was nothing better than getting a fresh stack of lined paper at the beginning of the school year and knowing I would fill it with stories. When I was 13, my mom’s real estate office upgraded to computers and I got their old IBM Selectric typewriter. It was a huge, heavy red weapon. You could certainly kill someone with it it was so big and bulky. It was an amazing machine, and I wrote stories. When I got my first computer in college–an old, old MacIntosh, I wrote stories.

I couldn’t stop. Isn’t that what an addiction is? I can’t stop drinking coffee (nor do I want to); I can’t stop writing (and I certainly don’t want to!) Now, I have a new iMac. I finished one book last week and am writing a novella this week. I have a book out on Tuesday, and consider myself greatly blessed that I’m able to do what I love every day.

What’s your addiction?

Now … good news! COLD SNAP, book 7 in the Lucy Kincaid series, goes on sale TUESDAY! That’s only 5 days. I’m very excited about this book because all the Kincaid’s play a role — though Patrick, Lucy and Carina “star.”

The best thing is that the novella “Reckless,” originally published in ebook only last March, is printed in the back. See the pretty burst on the cover letting readers know they get a bonus story?

I hope you like it too!

Here’s the trailer my publisher created for COLD SNAP. Enjoy!

[youtube id=”nH3bKaLSwqI” width=”600″ height=”350″]