Allison Brennan August!

on August 7, 2017

Criminal Element is celebrating “Allison Brennan August” — LOL. I cracked up when I saw the plan, but I’m really excited because my Maxine Revere/Lucy Kincaid crossover SHATTERED will be out on August 22 and leading up to it, Criminal Elements is reviewing all 12 of the Lucy Kincaid books, the 3 Max Revere books, and all their respective novellas.

And today I have a guest blog!

The end of last week and all weekend I was writing blogs and articles for different websites and my publisher. All things that need to be done … but isn’t actually writing. I mean, it’s WRITING, but not creative writing. I’m in the middle of writing ABANDONED, Maxine Revere #5, while awaiting revisions for BREAKING POINT, Lucy Kincaid #13. Still, it was fun and a needed break.

Oh, and I’m writing a short story for a charity anthology to benefit victims of domestic violence. It was an idea and draft I had a long time ago, but didn’t have the skill to write it the way I wanted … now, hopefully, I do.

So here are the links to the reviews and blogs so far:

My blog today about iZombie as I eagerly await season four!

An excerpt for SHATTERED

Review: “Maximum Exposure” a Maxine Revere prequel

Review: NOTORIOUS, Maxine Revere #1

Review: “Love is Murder” a Lucy Kincaid prequel

Review: LOVE ME TO DEATH, Lucy Kincaid #1

Review: KISS ME, KILL ME, Lucy Kincaid #2

Review: IF I SHOULD DIE, Lucy Kincaid #3

Anyway, enjoy the blogs! I’m back to writing … then Thursday night I’m taking the red-eye to Toronto to speak to the Toronto RWA about Thrills, Chills and Villains … I can’t wait!

Favorite quote this week (Stolen from Jon Land)