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on November 2, 2017

Hi gang — first, if your comment doesn’t show up it’s because it’s in moderation. I’ve had a huge problem with spam and am trying to find a way to have legit comments just come up, without all the spam. When I woke up and saw 66,000 comments in moderation I realized EVERYTHING was thrown to “pending” not just the spammy links. Argh! Anyway, I’ll see it … just might take a day 🙂

I wanted to share some things with you all …

First, I contributed a novella, MIRROR, MIRROR to a charity anthology benefitting domestic violence shelters. It’s a FABULOUS anthology — I helped edit it and am very proud of these stories. In MIRROR, MIRROR, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Detective Jackie Regan fears that her sister is going down the same path as their mother. They were raised in an abusive home, and now Melissa is continuing the cycle. Jackie risks everything — her career and her life — to save her sister and nephew before the unthinkable happens.

ALL PROFITS go to charity, so I hope you’ll consider supporting this worthy cause AND you’ll get 22 amazing stories to boot! It’s a win-win!

All links are up on my website here. Right now it’s available in ebook only, and shortly it’ll be available in print.

I wrote an article for Career Authors that I think would resonate with anyone–readers and writers–but it’s about a turning point I had in my writing career when I nearly lost everything. I’ve had some great feedback on it, and I hope it helps anyone at any point in their writing career get over a hurdle and reclaim the joy of writing: Write What You Love. And all writers should really sign up for Career Author’s weekly newsletter. My former editor Dana Isaacson is one of the contributors and he is a smart cookie. Plus Hank Phillipi Ryan, other editors, agents, writers and social media experts contribute regularly. Go here, and sign up!

I turned in BREAKING POINT copyedits last week — yeah! This is the 13th Lucy Kincaid thriller and probably one of the most action-packed books I’ve written to date. Bella Caruso used to be a cop, but she left when she realized she couldn’t save the most innocent of all. Now deep undercover in a sex trafficking organization searching for one girl sold by her step-father into a life of forced prostitution, Bella is close to shutting down the entire pipeline. Then she disappears. JT Caruso–a principle at Rogan-Caruso-Kincaid–enlists Lucy’s help to find her before she’s burned. But Lucy has troubles of her own–namely a boss who is watching her every move.

BREAKING POINT is on sale January 30 and I really hope you love it as much as I do!

I’m deep into writing ABANDONED, the 5th Maxine Revere mystery, out in August but due to my editor next week! Max is searching for the truth about what happened to her mother, and along the way learns some truths about herself. I’m almost done. I can’t wait to find out what happens!!!