Book Trailers

on July 20, 2006

There’s a discussion over at Robert Gregory Browne’s blog about book trailers. This is a subject near and dear to my heart because I did flash trailers for each book in my trilogy.

I picked flash because it loads fast, I can intro my website with it . . . but viewers can also click the “skip trailer” button. They’re short and sweet, not longer than 30 seconds, and they give the meat of the story. But the video trailers are really cool, too. They have people and high quality images and generally quality production.

But do book trailers really help?

I don’t know. I’m asking you. Do you like watching little video or flash trailers about books? Does it ever prompt you to read more? Buy the book? Is it just a nice added feature . . . or an annoyance?

I did trailers for each book: THE PREY, THE HUNT and THE KILL. I liked all of them, though I think THE HUNT captured the essence of the book the best.

But now I’m debating doing trailers for the next trilogy.

I want to do them. I’ll probably do them. I just don’t know if they make a difference.

I also don’t know if bookmarks make a difference, but I’m printing those, too.

So, what do you think? Book trailers: yeah, nay or indifferent? Share your favorite book trailer and why. Don’t forget to include the link so I can check it out!