Check Deb's Post . . .

on September 4, 2008

On Tuesday I was up until 3 am writing; last night I fell to sleep at my computer at 130 am. Because I have kids to get up and out to school, I’m up at 6 every morning, but I slept until 7 today and we rushed. Now I’m indulging in Starbucks while waiting for my hair cut appointment. So the pictures of my office have to wait . . . I have to write the last chapter of this dang book that I keep thinking is over, but then my killer does something I don’t expect and it continues . . . but now it’s just the wrap-up chapter.

So come back later today (probably tonight! I’ll post sometime before 3 pm west coast time.) But check out Deb’s post below and the pics from Gustav. We’re very happy and relieved that Deb and her family are okay, and we’re praying for everyone else down south.