Happy Friday!

on May 2, 2014

Yes, I’ve been out of the loop the past couple of weeks … book deadline, college trip with my daughter, novella I’m writing with Laura, my daughter’s 18th birthday, and just yesterday I received 11 pages of notes from my editor on COMPULSION (Max Revere #2). The good news is that she loves the book and the story — and the other good news is that I have lots of revisions! Yes, I love revisions. I can take a good story and make it the best it can be because of editorial input. Most of the notes are about specifics (specific comments about a scene detail, awkward phrasing, need to be clearer or cut repetition, etc.) The big notes are in the first two pages and I spent yesterday making my own notes on her notes so that I know exactly how I’m going to fix the problems.

So all that said … the next month is going to be busy. Revisions, my 11 year old in the school play (Willy Wonka–6 performances!), 2 kids in a speech meet tomorrow, RT in New Orleans (my first RT in 3 years!), DEAD HEAT comes out on June 3, and Kelly graduates high school on June 5. End of year field trips, my 13 year old on a spiritual retreat with the school, and finals for two kids. Whew! Good news, bad news about college … After looking at all the finances, I couldn’t swing Kelly’s first choice. I really wanted to send her to Syracuse, it would have been an awesome opportunity and she would have done so well there. But it was also the most expensive of the colleges she was accepted to, and the only one who didn’t give her at least a partial scholarship. So we settled on Southern Oregon University. A good school in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. She may end up transferring in a year or two, or she might love it and stay. I know she’ll excel anywhere. She loves learning.

If I’m out of the pocket, sorry! My goal is to have three original posts up every week, growing that over time. Next week I have two guest bloggers on Tuesday and Wednesday, so please come by and welcome them!

In case you missed it last week, Kindles & Wine had a lovely review of NOTORIOUS and interviewed me. It was a fun interview, and I also answered questions all weekend. So go check it out!

Notorious was a great start to a new series. … If you like heroines with a great mind and guts, Maxine Revere won’t let you down.”

Also, RT gave DEAD HEAT 4.5 stars and said:

“Lucy Kincaid is living her dream of being an FBI agent, but a new dark, shocking case tests all of her developing skills. Lucy and her companions are taken on a twisted journey while they attempt to bring down a crime lord’s empire. As an added bonus, Brennan brings mysterious mercenary Kane Rogan into the mix. Gut-wrenching and chilling, this is a story you won’t soon forget!”

More good news: I agreed to write 2 more Max Revere books and 2 more Lucy Kincaid books! So there will be more after DEAD HEAT and COMPULSION.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!