Quickie and HELP!

on March 20, 2008

Karin, get your mind out of the gutter!!! Geez . . .

Okay, I’m late . . . Brennan #1 had a physical therapy appointment early this morning for her jaw. Last night was the first night I was in bed before 3 am. Yes, I’m in the middle of revisions for PLAYING DEAD. We’re not in urgent slam time, but I’m doing a quick second round of clean up because I made so many big changes in the revisions. Such is my life . . .

BUT, I’m really excited about this story now! I hated it for so long, and my editor pointed out the one fatal flaw in the first draft. Once I saw it, everything else came clear and I knew how to fix it. Yeah! But it necessitated reworking the major suspense plot.

So, this will be off my plate by the end of next week and I can start working on the first book of my FBI series . . . which has a title (yeah!) SUDDEN DEATH. Like it? I do. I thought of it for PLAYING DEAD but it didn’t have the same rhythm as KILLING FEAR and TEMPTING EVIL. So it launches my FBI series. Which needs a name. A series name. Can you help?

Series premise: A group of the “best of the best” FBI agents work complex and/or high-profile cases (such as mass murders, kidnappings, domestic terrorism, serial killers, etc.) There’s a core group of 6-8 agents, though each book will focus on one or two and stand alone, characters will recur. Setting is America, but the books can take place in any state.

SUDDEN DEATH (book one): “Burn the book” mercenary Jack Kincaid is forced to team with “by the book” FBI Agent Megan Elliott to stop a killer targeting soldiers with ties to Jack’s mysterious past.

I need a series name. “FBI series” isn’t going to cut it 🙂 Everyone who posts an idea through next Thursday gets an “entry” for an early copy of TEMPTING EVIL (to be sent @ the second week of May, when I get my author copies.) Then next week I’ll list all the ideas that I like, and maybe we can discuss it and the importance of having a recognizable series name. (Think of “Troubleshooters,” “Bulletcatchers”, “Brotherhood of the Dagger,” and others . . . they are catchy, recognizable, and we know the author through the name as well.)

So . . . put on your thinking cap! And thanks in advance 🙂