Some Blogs You May Have Missed

on November 22, 2007

It’s Thanksgiving and all through cyberspace you’re reading posts about Thanksgiving–the history, what people are thankful for, most better written than I can do while thinking of all the cooking I need to do today! I think Natalie on Tuesday wrote a great Thanksgiving blog, so scroll down and check it out.

I was going to blog about writing, specifically book three in the prison break series which I started this week and why I think taking long breaks between books can be bad for the muse. But I’ll save that for next week.

Today, because I know there are a gazillion other people out there thinking about the stuffing they need to make and the apples they need to slice for pie (I can’t bake worth a darn, except apple pie), I thought I’d steer you to some blogs to read while you’re waiting for the onions to turn glassy, or for that hour of reprieve once you get the turkey in the oven and can pop open the champagne and fix yourself a mimosa . . .

For those who like writing exercises, check out Toni McGee Causey’s blog at Murderati on Character and Shame.

Another exercise about changing the font you write in to weed out extraneous words over at Alison Kent.

On my own site, I talk about what’s up next now that I finished revisions of TEMPTING EVIL last weekend.

(As an aside–I need a new title for DYING BREATH. Long story. I have some ideas, but if anyone has additional ideas, feel free to post them!)

Earlier this month, Kristin Nelson dissected the back-cover copy of THE PREY. Thanks Kristin! I love her blog. (And thanks to Edie for letting me know . . . Edie has a wonderful Thanks For post at Magical Musings today.)

Tess Gerritsen celebrates 20 years in the business and shares lessons learned.

And finally, a terrific blog over at PJ Parrish’s site where they post an article by Ian Fleming on writing.

I’m sure I’ve missed some great blogs this week. Anyone have something to share? Post it here! Or just wish us a Happy Thanksgiving and safe holiday weekend, and we’ll wish it right back at you. Don’t forget our contest! Post a comment to enter.