Thankful for Friends

on November 24, 2011

I love Thanksgiving, not just because calories don’t count this one day of the year, but because it’s the day we reflect on how we’re blessed. Sometimes, it’s so easy to complain about the bad things that happen to us, or mourn losses both devastating and small, but on Thanksgiving we can focus on the positive.

I have always been an optimist. I was the kid who always looked at the silver lining, the person who focused on whatever good was happening and ignored the rest. I have tried very hard never to regret my decisions, even if I’ve come to realize the decision I made was wrong. Learn, move on. I’ve made many mistakes and hope that I don’t repeat them, but I try hard not to dwell on them. I can’t live in the past. Living in the past means regression, not growth, and I don’t want to live that way.

Sometimes, it’s hard not to get frustrated by some things in this business that are completely out of our control. Without the gals here at Murder She Writes, I would have been stuck in the “past,” frustrated with mistakes that are not my fault, or lamenting decisions I’ve made that were not smart, even if they seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

I am so thankful for all nine of them for listening, commiserating, sharing, and supporting me all these years. And I even appreciate the tough love that’s needed at times (cough Karin cough) when I get stuck in the “but it’s not fair!” mantra.

Life isn’t fair. We all know that. Friends listen, support, and help us move on so that we can live in the present and work toward a better future, and stop us from spiraling into self-pity.

Jen, Sylvia, Deb, Rocki, Sophie, Lori, Toni, Karin & Laura have blessed me just by being who they are, and by loving me, warts and all.

Okay. Just had to say that, even though I’m about to cry!

Now for the fun stuff.

I have a book out! Lucy Kincaid #3, IF I SHOULD DIE, is on sale now. I’ve had some reports that stores are slow getting it out, but if you go into a store and don’t see it, ASK. Hopefully that’ll help them open up the boxes in the storeroom and put those books on the shelf!

Some reviews:

“Brennan’s Lucy Kincaid/Sean Rogan books are not only excellent procedural thrillers, but also chart the evolution of an intriguing relationship. The peeks into the mind of this heinous killer are all too chilling, making the threat level palpable and the story riveting. Brennan is on a major roll!” – RT Book Reviews 4.5 stars!

“Non-stop action, spine-tingling suspense … a wonderful addition to a great series.” – Fresh Fiction

“If I Should Die is a spine-tingling chiller that will wrap you up in its mystery and take you on a heart-pounding race to the breathtaking finale!” – Joyfully Reviewed, Recommended Read

“[A] thrilling ride full of danger and suspense with its complex plot and well-drawn characters. … a terrific series.” – Romance Reviews Today

I’ve also updated my webpage! It’s now streamlined and can be viewed on mobile devices. I’m still updating content, but that’ll have to wait until after I finish revisions for SILENCED. Check it out and read an excerpt for each of the Lucy books, my revised bio, and upcoming events.

And yesterday I was on the Happily-Ever-After blog at USA Today with author Joyce Lamb. Check it out! Or read about some of my favorite books over at Romance @ Random (and every week R@R gives away books to five lucky winners, so it’s worth it to visit and comment regularly!).

Holidays are slow here at MSW, as it should be since most of us are spending time with our family or friends. Some of us have to work, however. And many in the military don’t get to come home for any holiday, protecting our ability to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the others days of the year. Tomorrow please come back for our own favorite military commander, Jessica Scott, who will be talking about her new book, BECAUSE OF YOU, an edgy and emotional military romance. And Jessica is giving away a totally cool prize!

The Brennan Family menu for Thanksgiving:

Turkey (I know, I swore I’d never make another turkey, but I caved)
Mashed potatoes (my mom makes the BEST)
Stuffing (my grandma’s recipe)
Broccoli (my three youngest kids love it)
Caesar salad
Rolls (from Costco, not homemade)
Olives, cranberry sauce, applesauce
Bread pudding (Kelly promised she’d make it for me)
Pumpkin something (Kelly hasn’t decided yet)
Apple pie (maybe, if Kelly doesn’t make pumpkin pie)

For the adult beverages, I got some champagne to make mimosas while I’m cooking 🙂 … and wine for dinner.

And best, we have lots of games to play. Growing up, we always played card games (Chinese Rummy was my favorite.) Today I hope to get in a game or two! Do you have any favorite family games? If you check out my website, let me know what you think and what information you’d like to see up there. (I know some of the pdf files are outdated! I’m getting to them!) Or, let me know where you plan to buy IF I SHOULD DIE (I’m just curious! Digital or print? Order online or go into a store?) I’m really sad about Borders this week because they have always treated me so well, and the Elk Grove staff was amazing. My prayer today is for all Borders staff who love books like we do, to find jobs doing what they love. Or, if you want to share a favorite recipe, please do! I might just make it next year! Comment for a chance to win A BOX OF BOOKS. I’ve been cleaning out my bookshelves and have some duplicate copies of some great books by JT Ellison, Mariah Stewart, and others! Plus, I’ll toss in whatever book in my backlist you want 🙂

Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.